Why Energy Efficiency?

Energy Use: A Cost of Doing Business

Commercial buildings account for approximately 20% of all US energy consumption andĀ  spend an estimated $202 billion in energy use annually. It’s estimated that 30% of this energy consumption is used inefficiently, offering ample opportunity for energy savings and cost reductions.

Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s)

Implementing energy efficiency measures (EEM’s) is a way to manage and reduce energy consumption and can involve upgrading outdated lighting systems, HVAC units, implementing controls, cleaning up harmonicsĀ  and addressing many other areas that are unique to a given facility.

Why Implement EEM’s?

EEM’s pay for themselves, add value to your building and enhance tenant satisfaction. We can help make the most of your energy efficiency project through helping you:

  • Determine which energy efficiency measures will offer the greatest savings and simple paybacks for your company.
  • Take Advantage of state, local, federal and utility energy efficiency incentives such as tax credits, deductions and rebates.
  • Determine what route to take in financing your project. Whether you want to maximize return on investment through funding the project with internal capital or generate a positive cash flow, day one of upgrading, by setting the project up as a capital lease; we can help you analyze the available options to maximize your project goals.
  • Meet your company’s sustainability goals and initiatives. Energy efficiency is healthy for your company and the environment. We’ll show you what kind of carbon and green house gas emission reductions can be achieved.