AlabamaSAVES 1% Capital

SEMCO is pleased to partner with the AlabamaSAVES program. AlabamaSAVES is the states first and only energy revolving loan program offering private companies in the state of Alabama the opportunity to finance energy efficiency projects with 1% capital. The program provides an opportunity for companies to:

  • Upgrade their facilities by installing Energy Efficiency Measures including: Lighting, HVAC, controls, roofing, window tinting, and virtually any product that provides a utility savings.
  • Finance these upgrades at a 1% fixed rate up to 10 years
  • Lower overall utility consumption by 15%-25%
  • Create positive cash flow day one of upgrading the facility. The loan is structured so that proven energy savings will out weigh monthly loan payments

SEMCO aids companies interested in utilizing the program by proving the energy audit and streamlining the application process. For additional information, contact SEMCO directly or visit the AlabamaSAVES website at