Office Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits

Change the way you see the world

Lighting upgrades are often times the easiest, most cost effective way to reduce energy.  According to the DOE, lighting accounts for approximately 25% of the average commercial buildings energy usage. Next to Heating and cooling, it is generally the largest energy consumer for a facility. We provide turnkey solutions that can reduce your lighting energy costs by 50% to 75%, while increasing foot candles 10%-20%. New lighting technology also offers longer lamp life’s, reducing the number of required lamp changes in the future, thereby cutting maintenance expenses.  Upgrading your lighting presents an opportunity to:

Save Energy, Save Money, Reduce Maintenance Expenses and Enhance Tenant Satisfaction

Each application is different and we know how to implement solutions that will squeeze every wasted watt of energy out of your utility bill. Sometimes a lighting upgrade can be as simple as changing out lamps. Other times we will recommend solutions such as reconfiguring your lighting layout, changing out fixtures, or simply installing controls that regulate on off times. Whatever the task, we develop solutions that will meet your needs and save you money.